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Inspection and maintenance

Regular roof maintenance is very likely to save you money in the long term. LR Roofing provide roof inspection services and maintenance plans. Our inspection will provide a full survey of your roof and associated fittings, such as gutters and flashing.

Summary: Roof survey

  • Type: annual roof inspection
  • Cost: from £75/year

Roof survey

Carry out a full inspection of your roof. This survey will provide you with a report on the health of your roof and associated systems, including guttering. This will identify any problems like:

  • broken or damaged tiles / slates;
  • rotten or damaged roof batons;
  • worn or damaged lead flashing;
  • damaged guttering systems;
  • damaged or worn flat roofs;

You will be provided with a report when the inspection is complete, giving details of any problems. The report will also include recommendations with estimates to rectify any issues.




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