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Roofing: repair or replace

LR Roofing can undertake all types of roofing work, either repairing existing roofs or replacing using a wide range of roofing materials. This page includes samples of the roofing projects that we have undertaken, including tiles, slate and Kent peg.



Kent peg




Kent peg (back to top)

The Kent peg roof tile has been used for centuries and will give your roof an authentic,aged character. The tiles can either be machine made or handcrafted. The traditional hand-crafted Kent peg tiles will give variations in colour, texture and dimension.

Summary: Kent peg

  • Type: clay roof tiles, reclaimed
  • Guarantee: 10 years





Slate roof (back to top)

A smooth surface and square cut edges give a low profile slate at an economical price, particularly suitable to complex roof geometries down to 15°. This market leading light weight roof slate is now available in five new colours and three shapes providing even more design flexibility. With its low wastage and ease of installation, it's easy to see why it is the product of choice for all types of new build and refurbishment projects.

Summary: Slate roof

  • Type: natural or fibre slates
  • Guarantee: 10 years


Concrete tiles (back to top)

Concrete tiles are a popular choice for roofs and more economical than clay or slate tiles. They are available in a wide range of styles, sizes and colours. Concrete tiles are long lasting and low maintenance, but are heavy and require a reinforced roof frame for support.

Summary: Concrete tiles

  • Type: sand and cement
  • Guarantee: 10 years

Concrete (mini stonewold)

Concrete (plain tile)



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